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Help Glennie get home!

Glen Lake's beloved mascot Glennie got stuck above the dam during our last rain storm, now she can't find her way home.

Luckily she had some bug friends who live on Main Street who can help her find her way home. 

Read the clues below to find Glennie and all of her friends. When you find each critter, fill out the form to let us know you found them! Once you find each critter, you'll be entered into a raffle. Thanks for helping Goffstown's favorite aquatic monster!


This critter has a big family back at the ant hill, and they all have a sweet tooth. You'll often find Ant-ony looking for crumbs around businesses that makes cakes cookies and other sugary treats

Suzy is a curious critter who likes to take it slow, she likes activities where she can relax and get a little lost in her imagination. Spending time with a good book is one of her favorite passtimes.

Suzy Snail

Betty Butterfly

Betty loves views that are as beautiful as her wings. You'll find her near a georgious vista overlooking the forest and the water.

Congratulations! You found one of Glennie's friends.

Which critters have you found so far?
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